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Three Loyalty Tactics Guaranteed to Increase Customer Frequency

Posted on January 5, 2023

Three Incredible Loyalty Tactics Guaranteed to Increase Customer Frequency 

Most restaurant brands turn on a loyalty program that allows a guest to earn points when they spend. They promote it at the point of purchase and send out discount offers to get guests back in.

That’s because it works. But you can do more. You can do a whole lot more, to drive sign-ups and purchases while making it fun for your guests.

Here are 3 playbooks that your team can use to increase trips. 

We’ve tested and proven them to work.


Want to have the highest loyalty sign-ups in the business?

Here are the secret sauce brands using Spendgo have that help them to get so many of their guests into their loyalty program:

Omni-channel solutions

What does that mean? Have your sign-up solution in as many places as guest interactions happen.

That includes online ordering, in-store tablets, getting your staff to talk about loyalty, in-app, your website, through WiFi, social media, email, etc. Basically anywhere a guest interacts with your brand, have your loyalty sign up right there.

And the number one most important channel – your team. If you operationalize your guest-facing team to ask customers if they have signed up for loyalty, you will get more sign-ups.


Every restaurant brand on the planet has a birthday program that gives your guests a free item, discount, or extra points around their birthday. Likely your guests will get so many offers that they couldn't possibly redeem every one of them even if they dined out every single day.

Be different. Run a half-birthday program. Send out the exact same offer that you would do for their birthday but do it 6 months out from their birthday when no other brand is making them the same offer.

Or run it as an anniversary program … send it to them on their annual anniversary of joining your program.


Most restaurants market loyalty at the point of purchase, which is highly valuable and very important. But, how else can you get awareness for your loyalty program when guests are not in the store or checking out online?

Run a monthly contest on your most valuable social media account and instead of using a gift card as a prize, offer a large number of loyalty points! Make entering to win really simple by asking your guests to comment and or tag a friend. 

Once the contest is live on your social media, cross-promote it via your SMS and email lists to not only drive adoption but also grow your social media presence to guests who already love your brand.

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